Step 1. Chakra's structure

chakryAbout the method

After the 1st Step your seven chakras will be tuned to receive UEU from environment, or to be exact, its spectrum Universal Vital Energy. This will give you opportunity to direct UEU to revitalize yourself and to help other people. Chakras located behind human’s body are involved in this process, they are managed by mental messages.

After initiation you will be able:

  • To do diagnostics of your health’s condition, and other people’s health, emotional state, character. This skill will help you to develop the intuition.
  • To transfer energy for your health’s improvement. Also you will be able to work with other people.
  • To direct energy on success of various events in your private life, business, etc.
  • To process with UEU food. It will neutralize negative effect of nitrates and other harmful substances. Food will become cleaner and biologically more active.
  • To process UEU on plants. They will grow better and fructify.
  • And the most important "by-effect" of initiation – your sensitivity increases. In every event in your life you will see the essence, not the “wrapper” avoiding illusions.

Between the 1st and the 2nd Steps there is intermediate one. It is frequency-vibration characteristic "Terrestrial energy". It is possibility of work with all diseases acquired since the birth. You will have the technique of work with Terrestrial energy at the same time with 1st Step initiation.

After initiation daily practice takes about 10 minutes per day.

It is enough to have 1 Step initiation to have all these skills and to use them in your life. With having next Steps you will be able to work with more high-frequency energy, and as a result, you will have new "deep" vision and understanding.

To read about:

Step 2. Biosphere

Step 3. Sphere

And also about opportunity to be trained in work on all steps at once

The seminar consists of 5 classes (3 hours each), the first 3 classes are given 3 days running.

Schedule of the nearest seminar:

15, April, 2015 18.30 - 21.30

16, April, 2015 18.30 - 21.30

17, April, 2015 18.30 - 21.30

18, April, 2015 18.30 - 21.30

19, April, 2015 18.30 - 21.30

The schedule can be corrected according to wishes of seminar’s participants.

The seminar is organized periodically. Start dates for 2014: 5, November; 3, December.

You will have printed instruction with detailed information about meditations and techniques. Anyway, If you will forget something, you can always contact me.

The price is

390 USD for the group of 5 participants.

350 USD for the group of 6 participants.

300 USD for the group more than 11 participants.

Free for disabled people and pensioners.

Registration: tel. ++375-29-660-48-35

Registration online