FAQ about Universal Energy of the Universe

- What is the Universal Energy of the Universe?

- There are lots of articles about Universal Energy of the Universe (UEU) in Internet. For me UEU is the frequency-vibration characteristic, which is inherent to the whole creation in the Universe. UEU is a creating range of energy. Such concepts like “Harmony", "Love" are at the heart of it. That’s why it is impossible to harm with it. At the initial stage this energy fills quantitative and qualitative shortage in energy structure of a person. Later the person learns to program, to fill this energy with information and now everything depends on person’s outlook, how deeply he perceived the Universe. The more the person knows about his structure, the more he has opportunities to restore, to revitalize his body, to direct himself by the way of spiritual development, instead of regress.

- What does the work method with UEV consist of? How is it possible to become proficient in it?

Work method with UEU consists of three main steps. You can work with person’s frequency- vibration characteristics through Chakra’s structure for Step 1, Biosphere for Step 2 and Sphere for Step 3.

This method is completed, it allows to work with a person like with integral structure. You can combine work with UEU with any techniques of other schools, thereby expanding their opportunities. The process of giving you the opportunity to work with UEU calls initiation.

Step 1. Chakra’s structure

Step 2. Biosphere

Step 3. Sphere

- Which skills will I have after initiation? What gives to the ordinary person the practice of UEU, which advantages the "initiated" person has?

- At each step the meditative and energy techniques are given.

After initiation you will be able:

  1. To do diagnostics of your health’s condition, and other people’s health, emotional state, character. This skill will help you to develop the intuition.
  2. To transfer energy for your health’s improvement. Also you will be able to work with other people.
  3. To direct energy on success of various events in your private life, business, etc.
  4. To process with UEU food. It will neutralize negative effect of nitrates and other harmful substances. Food will become cleaner and biologically more active.
  5. To process UEU on plants. They will grow better and fructify.

It is enough to have 1 Step initiation to have all these skills and to use them in your life. With having next Steps you will be able to work with more high-frequency energy, and as a result, you will have new "deep" vision and understanding.

After initiation daily practice takes about 10 minutes per day.

For each step you will have printed instruction with detailed information about meditations and techniques. Anyway, If you will forget something, you can always contact me.

And the most important "by-effect" of initiation – your sensitivity increases. In every event in your life you will see the essence, not the “wrapper” avoiding illusions.

- Is it possible to learn the method of working with UEU for everybody? Is it necessary to have some special skills for this?

- For working with UEU you don’t need to have any special skills. What people call like “psychic skill” every person has. But somebody has more, somebody has less. It is possible to manage the 1st Step absolutely for everybody. It will be your personal choice if you will go father and will have Step 2 and 3. Anyway, even after the 1st Step the quality of your life will be much better.

- Whom would you specially recommend to practice UEU?

For shure, to everybody. But there are some occupations which connect directly with other people’s body or mental world . I would recommend to have initiation especially to:

Doctors. You will be able to do diagnostics of energy deficit. It will help you to diagnose the case correctly.

Psychotherapist s and psychologists. You will have a skill to understand your client better, to feel what he feels. And also you will have the unique resource to reinstate yourself after work with clients.

Masseur. After the 1st Step (even without Terrestrial energy) you will have opportunity to do diagnostics of client’s energy deficit (he will not notice it). On the basis of this diagnostics you will easily feel where the person’s body has problem zones . And you will be able to pass an energy stream through hands, without giving your energy.

- Which basis does the knowledge which you give have?

- I started my way of working with UEU in School of Universal Energy of Universe in Minsk. I visited Master Dang with the group which was the first who came to him from Belarus. Now I don't belong to any school.

The basis of knowledge which I give to people is the information which I had from Master Dang in meditations after his death.

My out look is: there are only you and the God and nobody between you, that’s when I initiate I connect you and the “Source” directly, there is no any egregor between you.