Woman's way to womanhood

zhenstvennostWhat is a Womanhood? And how the Woman’s Way to Womanhood begins?

How to find and follow this Way, despite of external circumstances?

We will examine these and some other questions from the view of energy exchange between man and woman.

We will understand what happens to us on so-called invisible plan. It never deceives if there is harmony between man and woman or not.

We will work with your belief and outlook because they influence on your behavior in life.

It is very nice if a man follows man’s way and woman follows woman’s way. Often you can meet manly women. They have great success in business and carrier, but doesn’t have a loving man near them and children. Also there are womanly men. They can’t make decisions and be strong.

So, right conclusion is only when man and woman follow their nature’s way they are happy.

This seminar is for those women who want to know and accept themselves, who wants to achieve woman’s happiness.

Each seminar is unique because every woman who comes is unique with her life story and experience.

But there is basis which I give on this seminar:

1. Interaction with your internal woman, internal man,internal child. These are parts of your personality, these are you!;

2. Work with your Kin. Kin's support is very important for having stability in life, it is a base for everything, including building relations with men;

3. Your relations with your own body. You will accept you as you are and will awake sensitivity of your body;

4. Initiation for female energy’s obtaining from a perennial spring of Female Force;

5. Forgiveness of old insults;

6. Man's psychology. How to talk to a man to be heard and many other things.

zhenstvennaya-zhenshchinaYou may ask me any questions, we have quiet and confidential atmosphere at the seminar.

From my side I will do my best to help you to discover yourself. When you follow your woman’s way you can’t be lonely or unhappy.

I will give lots of woman’s energy techniques during the seminar, you will be able to do them after seminar to improve its result.


1st day 4, April, 2015 11.00-19.00

2nd day 11.00-19.00 – in 2 weeks after 1st day.

The price is 150 USD.

After seminar you can have personal consultations.

Registration: tel. +375-29-660-48-35

Registration online

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