How to have nice bearing and gait at any age?

krasivaya-pokhodkaThis seminar is for everybody who wants to have a beautiful bearing, gait and healthy body at any age.


1. Correction of your gait and bearing;

2. How to do yoga asanas correctly;

3. Exercise for a special point "A" in a body. It helps to improve gait and bearing, makes press stronger. It is possible to do this exercise standing, sitting, lying.

Result of a seminar:

- you will have flying beautiful gait "from a hip";

- you will know how to carry out inclinations, deflections, to lift something correctly from the view of biomechanics and anatomy. This knowledge will give you health for years;

- you will know secret simple exercise for a prelum abdominale. Just 10 min per day and you will have flat stomach!praviljnaya-osanka

The number of participants is 5.


18, April, 2015 12.00 - 15.00.

The price is 30 USD.

After seminar you can have personal consultations.

Registration: tel. +375-29-660-48-35

Registration online