How to have harmonious relations with a partner

otnosheniya-v-pareThe aim of this seminar is to help you:

  •      to creat harmonious UNION from relations with your partner;

  • to build strong harmonious relations;
  •      attract your partner to your life if you are lonely at the present moment.


  • energy practical work and exercises to disclosure your internal man and woman;
  • disclosure and change your personal characteristics which will help you to build harmonious relations.

As soon as the seminar’s subject is relations between man and woman, you need to come with your partner. It is not necessary to be officially married.

What to do if there is no partner? Then come with a friend or whom you trust. You will practice together. And as the result you will help this person to harmonize his(her) relations or to find a partner and he (she) will help you.

If you don’t have such a friend, register to seminar anyway. We will try to find you a partner to practice for other participants.


1st day 3, May, 2015 11.00-19.00

2nd day 11.00-19.00 – in 2 weeks after 1st day.

The price is 150 USD.

After seminar you can have personal consultations.

Registration: tel. +375-29-660-48-35

Registration online

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