Work with Energy DEN

Work with Energy DEN, seminar by psychik Sergei BykovWhat is energy DEN?

DEN is an energy of high-quality changes, it is a high sense of existence on the Earth, it is definition of a way. Unlike energies of action Yang and Yin,  DEN is an energy of harmony, wholeness and positive.

It helps in reconsideration of life and spiritual growth.

When you are with energy DEN you will never become "fanatic" of some "only true" way to God. You will be like an adult child, you will  be sage, sincere and even simple things will be able to admire you.

What does work with energy of DEN give?

Work with energy DEN helps to raise the work of organs and systems of human body on a new level. It is difficult to achieve it, big spiritual work is necessary. And if this spiritual work is done, the person finds in himself some unique abilities. With energy DEN a person is slowed down aging process, he eats less,  feels space and time in a new way.

Whom is this seminar for?

DEN is delicate energy, before working with DEN it is necessary to have experience in energy or spiritual practice.

You can practice DEN only after 3 Steps of Universal Energy of Universe (UEU) or after 4 years energy practice of any spiritual tradition.

You can learn all 3 Steps of UEU at my seminars. Read more:

About Universal Energy of Universe

Step 1 "Chakra's structure"

Step 2 "Biosphere"

Step 3 "Sphere"

Seminar consists of 3 classes, 3 hours each.


14, 15, 16 May, 2015 18.30 - 21.30

Price is 200 USD.

Registration: tel. +375-29-660-48-35

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