Home portal for direct connection with God-like power

Home portal for direct connection with God-like power, seminar by psychik Sergei Bykov

As the result of this seminar you will have your own home portal for direct connection with God-like power.

This portal is like direct phone with God-like power, you can ask about help or improvement the health throught it.


During the seminar you will  have initiation to open and to work with portal. At the seminar you need to have a blanket, it will be "material basis" for your portal.

Using after seminar portal you acquire the space "attached" to the area of your "magic blanket". You can use portal at any place.

You can open portal for yourself and to help other people. In the last case it will be your first step to healing.

For those who has all 3 steps of Universal Energy of Universe. You can learn all 3 Steps of UEU at my seminars.

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About Universal Energy of Universe

Step 1 "Chakra's structure"

Step 2 "Biosphere"

Step 3 "Sphere"

Seminar consists of 3 classes, 3 hours each.


29, 30, 31 May 2015 18.30 - 21.30.

Price is 100 USD.

Registration: tel. +375-29-660-48-35

Registration online