Cleansing. Seminar out of town

Cleansing. Seminar out of town by psychic Sergei BykovI invite you to continue training in work with energies and to have a nice rest out of Minsk.


  • work with your Kin;
  • massage techniques;
  • work with Ray Illainur (technique for unblocking power-information channels);
  • techniques of release from psycho-emotional and psycho-somatic blocks.

For those who has all 3 steps of Universal Energy of Universe. You can learn all 3 Steps of UEU at my seminars.

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About Universal Energy of Universe

Step 1 "Chakra's structure"

Step 2 "Biosphere"

Step 3 "Sphere"

Seminar consists of 5 days.

Schedule: June 22-26, 2015.

Price is 450 USD.

Registration: tel. +375-29-660-48-35

Registration online