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symbol-adaptor Vitality

 Symbol-adaptor «Vitality»

The purpose of symbol-adaptor «Vitality» is to increase the impact of any biologically active supplements, essential oils and neutralize disadvantages of their raw material’s quality. Symbol-adaptor works through information-light characteristic of a supplement and discovers potential of its raw material’s DNA. It activates initial codes of supplement’s raw material kept in DNA’s memory and starts the programs of self-healing, recovery and regeneration of organs, tissues, systems of human’s body.

Symbol-adaptor «Vitality» is an alive structure which functions according to its algorithms of creating around its user a healing space of the Alive Light and Energy Power of plants, trees, herbs, flowers with a Great Love and Thankfulness to the Alive Universe, Earth, Nature, Sky and Plants. Thus, recovery, purification, harmonization of all psychic and energy channels of human’s body happen. Also programs of healthy living and longevity are activated.

Symbol-adaptor «Vitality» looks like a circle, its diameter is 60 mm and thickness is 1 mm.

Ways of use:

-   to keep it near your body at the area of the solar plexus;

-   also you can put it near boxes or bottles of your supplements.