Welcom to School of work with energy!

ekstrasens-bykov-sergey-nikolaevichI am Sergei Bykov and you are welcome at my personal site.

All of us have the only way. It is the way to God.  We can realize it or not. But everybody has own way. We can be on the different parties of "barricades", but all of us have a peace of Light inside. Even if it is very small. Usually visitors of such sites are looking for a way to increase this internal Light.

I don't think that my abilities are miracle or special talent. And I don’t like the word "psychic" because of associations and stereotypes connected with psychics. But, if it is necessary to be classified, I mean the concept «healing» suits more.

I don’t have any special charisma. My gift is my beliefe in God and my Godlike nature. And anybody can't take away this belief. Also I live, trying to hear an internal voice of Conscience. When we develop Conscience (from a capital letter) we near to the TRUTH.

The knowledge which I possess is a knowledge of "a narrow circle". I use word "narrow" because for some social structures it is unprofitable to extend  this knowledge.

And my task is to give this knowledge to as much as possible people. I would like to remove mysterious and exclusive veil, to show how this knowledge and new opportunities can improve  human’s life and help to adjust the peace and understanding between people.

My goal is to give the tool which will help a person to revitalize himself, to make the life more interesting and sensible, to learn to catch a fair wind and to spend time of vital "turbulence" with profit.